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Breaking News Ireland; What began as a Law has become a Nightmare

Image kind courtesy of Life Institute

PROLIFE PROTESTS SWEPT THROUGH IRELAND OVER THE PAST TWO DAYS as people streamed in from all over Ireland to express their utter horror at the plight of the young mother and baby in Dublin.
The young mother, caught in tragic circumstances, gave a heartfelt plea for help. She reportedly sought an abortion as she claimed to be suicidal, under the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act 2013. Converse to the protection of life, it has led to the life of a little one battling in an intensive care unit after a Caesarean section.

Clarendon Street Church
At prayer in Clarendon Street Church, Pro-Lifers knelt in hushed devotion as the Priest led the Holy Rosary and blessed all worshippers with the Blessed Presence in Benediction. Filled with renewed fervour for standing fast and witnessing to the right to life of vulnerable mother and developing baby, candles were lit and individual prayer offered for the intentions of the young mother, and the survival and health of this precious little one, now being called 'Baby Hope' by Prolifers.

On to Dail Eireann
Protesters went on to Dail Eireann, where Prolifers witnessed to the right to evidence based care for the mother, the right to life of the child in all pregnancies and remembrance of the suffering of Baby Hope. Caroline Simons of the Pro Life Campaign and Cora Sherlock addressed the large crowd. A mother spoke movingly to the crowd of the joy her child brings her. A previously Pro Choice activist and marcher, this mother's views on the unborn child changed the day she saw her child's heartbeat winking like a star on the ultrasound screen. From that moment on her maternal love for her child never wavered; what was within her was new life, her unborn child - not a clump of cells. Today, she told the crowd, the joy of her life is her son. She - like so many others - turned out in rainy squalls to plead with Dail Eireann to repeal the current Abortion legislation.

GPO Dublin
Today a massive crowd witnessed to life in Dublin City Centre. The crowd was addressed by Niamh Ui Bhriain who expressed deep concern at the plight of Baby Hope, now gasping for breath and clinging on to life in an incubator. Crowds signed pledge after pledge affirming their support and sending love to little Baby Hope. Dr Eoghan de Faoite expressed his concern about the case.
The crowd wound their way through the Dublin streets and laid carnations in support of Baby Hope. 
Lumiere, Marian Praise and Supportlife Group attended the Vigils, signed messages of support and love to tiny Baby Hope and lit a Candle in remembrance of Baby Hope's vulnerable mother. 
The Lumiere Contemplatives in other countries prayed during the times of the Vigils. 

Reality of Abortion
The reality of Abortion is shown starkly in the tiny baby battling for life. 
"Everything that is wrong with Abortion is lying in an incubator in Dublin right now" is the quote that is being passed through Ireland.
What began as a Law has become a Nightmare.

Pro Life Campaign

Life Institute


Caroline Simons


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