Monday, March 23, 2015

Bear Bile Farming - Threatened Animals Suffer in Captivity; Alleged News

BEAR BILE FARMING CONTINUES TO CAUSE SUFFERING TO ENDANGERED ANIMALS, SUN BEARS AND MOON BEARS. Today more than 12,000 Bears are believed to be kept on Bear Bile Farms in China and Vietnam. Bear Bile contains high levels of ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA), known to be useful in treating liver and gall bladder conditions. There are many readily available herbal and synthetic alternatives with the same medicinal properties.

The extraction of Bear Bile causes suffering and long term health problems for the Bears. Large Bears are kept trapped in tiny cages. Extraction methods range from 'free drip' where the Bear suffers a hole in the gall bladder, to the insertion of permanent catheters. 

China declared Crush cages and Bears locked into metal jackets illegal; it is possible they are still used in some areas. (1) Bears grow up in tiny cages, and their bodies contort to fit the bars. Most have few teeth left due to trying to chew their way out. 

A 2011 Poll by Animals Asia found that 87 percent of interviewees disagree with the practice of Bear Bile Farming. 

Why not help to save Bears from this dreadful plight? Animal Asia is committed to ending Bear Bile Farming by focusing on five key areas;

  • Bear Sanctuaries
  • Reducing Demand
  • The Bile Trade
  • Public Awareness
  • Policy

Perhaps Divine Providence has led you to read these words.
 The true nobility of the human soul is shown in the tenderness, mercy and compassion to those weaker and vulnerable 
in society. Tiny baby cubs growing in distorted bodily 
growth in claustrophobic cages, constantly vulnerable 
to invasive painful body procedures call out for our 
compassion and efforts to ensure freedom from suffering.

Perhaps you could donate; volunteer; spread the word; 
sign a petition. Why not help to save these innocents 
from their dreadful suffering?

Animals Asia Donate 

(1) Five Things You Need to Know about Bear Bile Farming 

Animals Asia 

Volunteer Animals Asia 

Spread the Word; Be a Voice for the Animals 


Petition to Save the Halong Bay Bears 

Petition to End Bear Bile Farming in China 

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