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Lumiere English Academy Distance Teaching Course; Lesson Four - Dictionary

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One of the golden rules in the teaching of English is to train your students from the very first day in the use of a Dictionary.
  Any time the student does not understand a word - or learns a new word - he or she should check the Dictionary to find out what the word means.
  The student will benefit from keeping a neat workbook where she or he notes new English information.
  This book is of inestimable benefit in writing essays, and during study prior to examinations.
  It is also helpful for the student to note any corrections the English teacher has given him or her.
  Repeated corrections on the same topic will soon become clear, and the student has a tool for self-study and reflection on his or her strengths and weaknesses in the study of the English language.

Encourage your student to own a small dictionary, such as the Oxford Dictionary.
  This book can be easily kept in a student bag for easy reference at all times.
  Another option is to go online to www.dictionary.com
This very good website is a free online resource which is very helpful for spelling, vocabulary and pronunciation.
  A full explanation of the word as well as the correct pronunciation is given.
Be sure to apprise yourself of your student's main spoken language. For example, if your student's home language is Spanish, or perhaps Lithuanian, look in the area in the top menu of the dictionary website which is marked Translator.
  If your student does not understand an English sentence or word he or she has read or heard, your student can type it in to this area.   
  The student should then type the language to which the sentence or word should be translated - and the word or text will translate so your student can read the full meaning in his or her home language.

Good luck with your tutoring!
Best wishes with your tutoring!Catherine Nicolette Whittle
Diploma TESOL and EDI level 5 Diploma in Teaching English 
 London Teacher’s Training College England

Oxford Dictionary of English

With thanks to Dictionary.reference.com and Amazon.co.uk

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