Saturday, May 2, 2015

Unthinkable; Girls and Women Retrafficked after Rescue; Alleged News

LUMIERE CHARITY HAS RECEIVED REPORT THAT 16 YOUNG GIRLS AND WOMEN WERE DRAGGED  BACK INTO SLAVERY BY THE VERY TRAFFICKERS THEY HAD BEEN RESCUED FROM DAYS BEFORE. These survivors of human trafficking were recovering in the Center of Hope, a safe house run by Walk Free partner organisation Visayan Forum.
Violent mob 
27 women and girls were rescued from a trafficking operation in the Philippines.
  A few days later, the traffickers returned with a violent mob, tore down the gates, and abducted 16 women and girls before police could intervene.
  Visayan Forum and authorities are working to ensure this never happens again.

Repairs Desperately Needed
Center of Hope desperately needs repairs and resources to restore security.
  Why not donate to stronger gates for the Center; or for security alarm, or security grills for the windows?
  100% of donations will be going direct to the Center.
  You will be helping to save young girls and women from the hell of being trafficked.
  The emotional, physical and mental trauma of young girls and women being dragged back into the very slavery they had just been rescued from is too dreadful to contemplate.
$12,000 are needed for new and stronger gates.
$2,500 would buy an alarm system.
$15,000 would be able to buy security grills for windows
$25,000 is needed for security presence
$17,000 is needed for guard house.

Protected Environment
Time is of the essence. In order for Center of Hope to continue their work of mercy, they need to do so in a protected environment.

Perhaps Divine Providence led you
to read these words.
In the spirit of Lumiere,
is there anything you can do to help?

To donate, click on the link

Vasayan Forum Foundation, Alleged News 

Vasayan Forum - Anti-Trafficking Video Documentary, Alleged News

Inauguration of Vasayan Forum's Center of Hope, Alleged News

Walk Free Foundation

With thanks to, WalkFree, Vasayan Forum
Image by Catherine Nicolette

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