Monday, November 17, 2014

Christmas is Coming, and Charity is all aglow!

Children in Uganda sitting at their new school desks

Heartbreak and joy
Well, readers, it's that wonderful time of year again; Christmas. This last year has been a hectic one for Lumiere Charity. Much heartbreak as we heard of torture, rape and death of trafficked girls. It is the sad truth; we do what we can, but we can't reach everyone. Wonderful joy at children doing well through our outreach programmes. And so many need flooding into our mailbox, we just can't deal with them all. 
Perhaps Divine Providence has led you to read these words.
There are a number of desperate needs; the links to these needs will be placed below. 

Perhaps you would like to help?

As we always advocate in Lumiere, it is best to make personal contact with the group/ person you wish to help. If you cannot manage assistance (being cash strapped as we all are) perhaps you can help someone near to you in need. Or a family member. Or an acquaintance. Or someone sick, or poor, or in need, in your town. Or you can enlist in a group and fight human trafficking. Or work with child slave issues. Or women in need. Or boys and girls needing education. Or health care. Or shelter. Or rescue.

Gift of Christmas joy
Whatever it is, be kind to yourself this Christmas and give yourselves the gift of Christmas joy by helping someone else. Today I saw a great sale on and bought beautiful gifts (and sensible ones) for the children Lumiere assists with sponsorship through their education. It's time to start getting our boxes together, and posting off to the outlying areas.
Why not start making shoebox-size gifts - or larger - for an area where people are desperately in need of assistance. If possible, why not make a donation to a principal/ refugee camp co-ordinator/ social worker/ pastor who runs an organization for those most in need. Lumiere sent off our usual Christmas boxes last year, and a number of donations. 
Happiness with the new school desks

The donation to Uganda was used in a most enterprising way. During the course of the year we received a report and photos of the results; forty children had been sitting on the ground while learning. The donation went towards the making of forty temporary seats for the children. So; during this year, forty children have been able to have the dignity and relative comfort of not having to sit in the dust among the hazards of spiders and scorpions, but could learn and open their minds to the knowledge needed for a better future.

In the spirit of Lumiere, what can you do to help?

Great needs;
Children, Orphans, Parents in Financial need, School equipment needed, many further needs
Molly and Paul Care Foundation
Mr Gerald Ntuwa

Children, all amenities including water, gas, suitable shelter, clothing, school fees, food, many further needs
South Africa 
Mr Mark van der Walt at Coronation Park Marike de Klerk Children's Fund

Orphans, children in desperate need, Orphanage needing to be rebuilt
M Paimong Marma and Ma Ning Ning



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