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Mother and Child; Good Health Lesson 26 German Measles


German measles is an infectious illness. German measles is also known as rubella. It is caused by a virus - the rubella virus. If your child has a red-pink rash, immediately see your Doctor. It could be German measles. The rash may be accompanied by a fever (high temperature).

Signs and symptoms
Signs and symptoms usually appear between two and three weeks after exposure to the virus. They may include 
  • fever
  • headache
  • stuffy or runny nose
  • inflamed red eyes
  • enlarged and tender lymph nodes at the base of the skull, the back of the neck and behind the ears
  • a fine, pink rash that usually begins on the face, spreads to the trunk and then to the arms and legs; the rash then disappears in the same sequence
  • aching joints (especially in young women).

Spread of German measles
The virus is usually spread by coughs and sneezes from an infected person. Rubella is thus spread by direct contact with infected airborne droplets from the nose and throat. It is also possible to spread rubella by indirect contact with hands, tissues or other articles soiled by infected nose and throat discharges.

Infectious Period
An infected person can infect others up to 7 days before and at least 4 days after appearance of the distinctive rash.

What to do
If your child has German measles, let your child get plenty of rest. Don't let your child go to Child Care, Preschool, school or work until fully recovered. The child should drink sufficient fluids. Clean water is good. Get your doctor's advice on how to properly treat high temperature.
Keep your child away from pregnant women. If a pregnant woman catches the rubella virus, damage to the unborn child can be caused.
German measles can be protected against by vaccination. Ask your Doctor about the Measles, Mumps and Rubella immunisation programme (MMR).

Picture of German Measles (Rubella) 


Rubella Symptoms

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