Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Candle has been lit for Child Soldiers

  Many children are pressed into service as soldiers.   
  Lumiere has heard many tragic stories; children as young as ten years old becoming double amputee after a shootout. Children with mental health problems after being forced to kill a family member or be killed themselves. 
  Girls being pressed into sexual relations as young girls in the army, and bearing their infants with no medical help with all the attendant risks. 
  Children being given drugs prior to going into combat.   Children being strapped with explosives while sobbing helplessly, and being sent out into exchange of fire situations. 
  Children in the process of being pressed into soldiery witnessing their mothers and grandmothers being gang raped in their presence, before being killed. 
  Children witnessing fellow children being gang raped and either left dead or tied to trees to starve to death. 

  What can be done?
  Perhaps Divine Providence has led you to read these words.

In the spirit of Lumiere, is there anything 
you can do to help? 

Shelter for Children in Difficult Circumstances

Undocumented Children - Difficulties of Paperless Status; Child Soldiers

Child Soldiers International

WHO - Healing Child Soldiers


Family Care Uganda

War Child

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