Friday, August 21, 2015


Date: 21st August 2015

" The ‘Stop Marie Stopes Campaign’ organised a peaceful demonstration outside the Marie Stopes centre in Belfast today in protest against the heartless brutality and criminal activity of Planned Parenthood and Marie Stopes International.

The protest today was organised in solidarity with pro-life activists in the United States and throughout the world who are protesting outside their local abortion referral centres and clinics as part of the global #DefundPlannedParenthood campaign.

Since July the world has witnessed what goes on behind the closed doors of abortion mills in the United States: haggling over the prices of body parts of aborted babies; discussing ‘less crunchy’ techniques to get ‘intact’ organs, and; poking through dismembered limbs and organs of an eleven week old unborn baby that had been killed just minutes before.

Speaking to the crowd of a hundred people gathered outside Marie Stopes, Caitriona Forde, speaking on behalf of Bernadette Smyth who could not be there today, said:

“Just like the profit driven abortionists in Planned Parenthood, Marie Stopes’ sole interest is profit. Their mission is to exploit as many vulnerable women as they can. But the people of Northern Ireland will never stand idly by and allow Marie Stopes to plague our streets with their bloodthirsty and barbaric pursuit to kill our unborn children.”

The crowd cheered when it was announced that Marie Stopes had closed that afternoon because of the protest:

“This goes to show how being a witness for the unborn child, standing praying or holding a board showing the beautiful humanity of the unborn child, even for an hour, can save lives. A peaceful and prayerful presence outside Marie Stopes can make a difference. This afternoon our babies are safe and Marie Stopes’ pockets are empty.”

Concluding the protest outside Marie Stopes, just before the crowd made its way to protest outside the Family Planning Association, Caitriona announced the opening of Stanton Healthcare Belfast in October 2015. This will be a centre that offers life affirming options and quality healthcare for women facing unplanned pregnancies. Stanton will offer free ultrasounds, counselling, practical help and support, maternity and baby supplies, and referrals for adoption, housing and any medical treatment a pregnant woman needs.

“All the help and support a young woman needs to overcome any obstacle and to choose life for her baby, will now be available under one roof in a convenient location in the city centre.”

Further information on the opening of Stanton Healthcare Belfast will be announced at a later date."

With thanks to Precious Life [Press Release]
Image by Catherine Nicolette

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