Friday, April 11, 2014

Mother and Child; Good Health Lesson 23

Baby Nutrition in the first year; see WebMD Guide;
When baby is about four to six months old, a start should be made to give baby solid foods.
Start with baby cereal.
When baby is six to eight months old, pureed or strained fruits and vegetables, and protein.
When baby is eight to ten months old, give mashed fruits and vegetables and Finger foods.
Do not use salt in the food as this may harm baby's kidneys. Do not add sugar to the meals.
Purity has a range of products which are very helpful when starting to introduce babies to solid food. 
All the Whittle children (now all adults) thrived on Purity. Do not over-feed baby, as baby may put on too much weight. Get baby weighed and checked regularly at Baby Clinics to ensure he or she is thriving on the diet, and that baby's development is progressing normally and his or her health is good.
By ten to twelve months, baby can try eating most of the food you eat now, if food is cut up and mashed properly.  
The WebMd link above gives details and preparation of Baby Nutrition in the First Year. They give excellent detail so you can learn how to safely introduce solid foods into your baby's diet.

Never give alcohol to your baby. Never smoke in the presence of your baby. Never allow medications or drugs to lie around where a young and adventurous baby might see them, pick them up and eat them with tragic consequences.

If you have any cause to believe your baby might suffer from food allergy, immediately consult your Doctor.

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With thanks to Mayoclinic, Livingandloving, Purity, Babyparenting, Webmd
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