Saturday, May 3, 2014

Breaking News Ireland; We are Not Going Away

Everywhere the eye looked, Pro-Life message posters and dedicated Irish citizens stood patiently undeterred by the cool and sometimes softly raining weather. They had all waited for this day as they continue to campaign to have the abortion law repealed. 
Vox Populi carried posters, among them pictures of mother and baby with the words 'Protect them'.
Others gave out leaflets with the posters marking the words "We will not rest until this abortion law is overturned."
The respect for the Sanctity of Life of the Unborn Child in Ireland is paramount.
Innocence continues to be protected; the right to life of the Unborn Child is sacred.

Julie Holcombe
Julie Holcombe sent a video message to the people gathered at the National Vigil for Life in Ireland, encouraging all not to give up hope until the abortion law is overturned. She recalled the tragic experience of her own termination of pregnancy, as 'horrible'. Julie further encouraged the crowds to keep on in the fight for truth, justice and keeping life.

From Kitchen to Kitchen
Wendy Grace affirmed that the people of Ireland will not rest until the abortion law is overturned. Great cheers erupted from the crowd. Caroline Simons from Prolife Campaign spoke with determination and grace, about the people in Ireland. From kitchen to kitchen, the people of Ireland are gathering in their determination to have this law repealed. 

Tradition to St Patrick
"Direct Abortion is an unmitigated evil," speaker David Manley said frankly. David spoke of Ireland's tradition going back to St Patrick, and the crowds listened, cheering from time to time. 

Perinatal Hospice Care
Jennifer Kehoe explained Perinatal Hospice Care, and many in the crowd broke down in tears as the Warner family courageously shared their story (see link below).
As the crowds cheered, waved ProLife placards and sent up balloons, Vox Populi rallied around to shake the hands of Prolife representatives. Crowds stood around Senator Ronan Mullen from Co Galway, who has pledged in writing "I will uphold the life and dignity of every human being." The Senator spoke with dignity and charm to all who came to meet him, explaining his need for assistance in his campaign in the Midlands-North-West Constituency. Pamphlets were made available requesting assistance to help him in his campaign in the Midlands-North-West Constituency.

Protecting the Innocent Unborn
The Pro Life Campaign spoke of the brave men and women of the Oireachtas who voted against abortion, and whom the crowds cheered and revere as the new icons of Ireland - those who protect the Innocent Unborn.  The word among Vox Populi was that Deputy Terence Flanagan was among the crowd, as well as other members of the Oireachtas, and the crowds cheered and looked about to shake their hands. The luminous Fidelma Ealy-Heames was also spoken of, and the cheering continued.
Cora Sherlock spoke with inspiration that there is no need for an abortion law in Ireland. Ms Sherlock also paid tribute to Tom O'Gorman RIP who did such dedicated work for Prolife in Ireland. 

Hope for Healing
Lynn Coles of Womenhurt spoke of the devastation that the termination procedure causes in the lives of women. Lynn is a Certified Leader in the Life Impact Network Abortion Recovery Study 'Surrendering the Secret'. For those who live with the pain of a past abortion, there is tremendous hope for healing. All enquiries re this Study are strictly confidential (See link below).

Right to Life of the Unborn Child
At the end of the day, all streamed home. The right to life of the Unborn Child is enshrined in the hearts of all who came to the Vigil today, and the numbers that came today are - as one of the speakers so aptly said - only the tip of the iceberg.

Pro Life Campaign
Perinatal Hospice
Senator Ronan Mullen at
Women Hurt - Facing Abortion Regret, Lynn's Story
Surrendering the Secret
Surrendering the Secret - Healing the Abortion Heartbreak!prettyPhoto[sts]/0/

With thanks to Youtube, Prolifecampaign, Perinatal Hospice, Senator Ronan Mullen, Womenhurt, 
Surrendering the Secret

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