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Tuhin Bagi and Lumiere English Academy

Tuhin Bagi Volunteer
Lumiere Charity has been privileged to have Tuhin Bagi as a volunteer for a number of years now. Tuhin carries out dedicated work for orphans and the underprivileged. This young gentleman from Nasik, India, has participated in programmes that have brought clothing, financial aid, shelter, education, health care and dental care to many in need.

Lumiere English Academy Pilot Programme
A number of years ago Tuhin and his mother, Dr Roma Bagi graciously agreed that Tuhin take part in Lumiere English Academy's pilot programme for the teaching of English to students as a second language.
The vision behind the programme was to make English education accessible to students in distant areas via the Internet/telephone. Tuhin successfully completed the Course last year.
The Course [designed by Catherine Nicolette Whittle Dip Tesol, EDI Level 5 Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (London, United Kingdom)] comprises, among others, the following elements;

- English Practical Education
- English Speaking Skills
- English Writing Skills
- English Conversations
- Grammar Classes
- Reading Comprehension
- Examination Preparation Skills
- Pronunciation
- Guided Reading Questions
- Essays
- Evaluations
- Time Management

University of California Berkeley
Lumiere was delighted to be apprised that Tuhin has recently received accreditation from the University of California, Berkeley, receiving the aggregate of 95% in independent examination. This certainly attests to the success of the new LEA (Lumiere English Academy) format.

Villages, Outlying Areas, Refugee and Squatter Camps
The Lumiere English Academy format was drawn up with the use of villages, outlying areas, refugee/ squatter camps and poor areas in mind. The programme containing the modules of the Lumiere Education Academy format followed so successfully by Tuhin will be made available in a series of blog posts. Perhaps you are in an outlying area? Perhaps you have minimal access to resources to teach English, the language which often makes job opportunity more accessible? Why not try the precepts of Lumiere English Academy?

See Tuhin's Story, a video online which explains the work and vision of this inspired young gentleman.

Lumiere's vision; Education is the key to a better future

Tuhin's Story;

Lumiere Charity; Our Work and Volunteers

Tuhin and Dr Roma volunteered with benefactors to organise clothing for Children

Preparatory Phase;

Lesson One;

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