Sunday, May 4, 2014

Heartfelt Appeal for Desperate Need for People Leaving the Abortion Industry

Flight from the Abortion Industry requires Help and Support

Lumiere Charity recently received the following appeal from Ms Abby Johnson, who does dedicated work in assisting people to leave the Abortion Industry. Leaving the Industry has impact on people who have families and children dependent on their wage. Abby helps them to make the transition to a new life. Perhaps Divine Providence has led you to read these words. 
In the spirit of Lumiere, is there anything you can do to help?

Ms Abby Johnson wrote;
"And Then There Were None has been contacted by 10 workers in the past week who are leaving their jobs in the abortion industry.
Some are medical assistants, some are billing experts, some are
clinic directors and some are nurses.  We are currently assessing their financial situation and if all 10 of these workers need financial assistance during their transition out of the industry, ATTWN will need approximately $25,000.00 to make that happen.

I very rarely make a plea for funds.  We are a small group, with
no paid staff.  All of our fundraising goes directly to former
abortion clinic workers and the very minimal overhead costs of the organization.

We know that this sudden interest from abortion clinic workers is directly related to the recent 40 Days for Life campaign that just ended.  We pray for them to leave.  Now we need your help to be able to adequately provide for these women who are desperate to escape from this evil industry.

If you can help us, please visit Any amount you can give will help us at this time.  Remember that ATTWN is now officially approved as a tax exempt 501c(3) organization.  Any donation given to us is tax deductible.

Please consider ATTWN if your employer has a matching gifts
program.  We can send you any information needed to get our
organization listed.

Thank you so much for your continued support and generosity.

Abby Johnson

And Then There Were None, P.O. Box 2571, Round Rock, TX 78660, USA" 

Letter with kind permission of Ms Johnson

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