Friday, June 27, 2014

Good Shepherd Church Seminary; The Death of Joseph

Duties as father; love, thoroughness, devotion
Joseph had carried out his duties as father with love, thoroughness and devotion. He had brought Jesus with Mary to Jerusalem so that Jesus could become a Son of the Covenant. Joseph's death was a major defining event in Jesus' Life. As the eldest son, He had to take over the responsibility of the home. Mary and Jesus grieved over Joseph's body, and then Joseph was laid to rest.

Man of Destiny
Now Jesus had to shoulder the responsibility as the sole support and comfort of His widowed mother and bereaved family. These experiences were highly educational, building responsibility, personal discipline and character in Jesus.
Supporting and protecting His Mother, becoming guardian of His family and home built the strength and mettle in Jesus. From being a boy at the knee of His earthly protector and father, He developed into a man, mature and dependable.
This life-changing events in Jesus' life helped to forge Him not only by birthright, but also by personal ability and character, to be a Man of Destiny.

Destroy empire of satan
Jesus, born of Mary's miraculous pregnancy and foretold by a prophecy from ancient times, would not only threaten - but overturn - an earthly empire, and ultimately is set to destroy the empire of satan.

Dedicated and loving mother
Mary, Jesus' Mother, learned at her mother's knee how to run a household responsibly, and develop the character needed to be a good wife and mother. Mary learned how to make bread, goat's cheese, and keep her household fed, clean and happy. A dedicated and loving mother led to a thriving household and a Son Who will rule not only the world, but the entire Universe.

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