Sunday, June 1, 2014

Lumiere English Academy Village Handbook - Basic English Course - Lesson One

Lumiere English Academy 
Village Handbook

Basic English Course 

So you want to speak good English? This course provides you with a chance to learn - or improve - your basic English.

Are you a villager?
Do you work in the fields?
Are you a seller of chai?
Are you a manual worker carrying bricks on your head?
Are you at school and wish to learn more English?
Are you a parent and want to learn more English?
Are you considering emigrating to an English-speaking country?
Then here is the book for you.

Enjoy your lessons!

Why do you want to learn English? 
Maybe you want to be able to speak English so you can choose another job.
Maybe you want to be able to speak English so you can speak to the Doctor or Pharmacist about the health of your children.
Whatever your reason for taking up this lesson, knowing the English language can help you in many ways.

English is the one language which is spoken everywhere in the world. 
So, if you can speak this language, you are sure of being able to travel and make yourself understood.

Catherine Nicolette Whittle Dip Tesol, EDI Level 5 (London)

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