Saturday, July 19, 2014

Dedicated Doctors Inspire Lumiere

Years ago one such Doctor spoke to us about her definition of her work; and the luminous strength of her words have remained with me to this day.

Desperate poverty
She was working in an area marked by desperate poverty and a struggle for survival for the local people.
This is how this dignified lady saw her work among the poor and vulnerable:

The work of a Doctor in charity is to help people in critical conditions from a very low socio-economic situation.
Usually their poverty means much stress in their daily lives.
The Doctor's program is to relieve the immediate emergencies in health care in the short term.
As long term program, it is most important for the families to receive education and social support.
Some people experience prejudices which may discriminate against lower socio-economic groups.
This can facilitate the keeping of these groups in extreme poverty. 
Men, women and children have the right to receive medication attention or education.

Baby needed surgery
Doctors doing pro-deo charity work experience many grievous situations.
Babies, lying on rags on the sidewalk, being tended by their siblings.
A baby, wrapped in the largest rag for warmth, being brought to the Doctor by her young sister because something is wrong with the baby. 
The baby found to have malformation of the anus, with severe infection and complicated by malnutrition. 
 Urgent surgery needed, which her family - eking out a living on the streets - could never afford.
Surgeons - those men and women with special gift to save lives by complicated surgical procedures - will realise that the baby needs operations. 
The little one's malnutrition would make the surgery very high risk
The pro-deo Charity Doctor would thus create a nutrion plan to ensure the baby receives a specialised diet and medical care free of cost. 
S/he would educate the family and ensure hygienic care (very difficult for the children living on the streets in the company of pigs, dogs and garbage).
After intense care and supervision by the Doctor, surgery is undertaken. 
Difficulties can be experienced in accessing the needed care; the dedicated Doctor in charity undertakes this task.

Doctor in charity
The Doctor in charity ensures that the poor, the vulnerable, the socially marginalised are enabled to receive medicine, food, health care and education, as basic conditions of Human Rights.
Doctors rent houses as places to protect children abandoned on the street, where necessary medical care can be received free of cost.
The luminous Doctor who inspired me when I first started Lumiere told me she called these houses, "Intermediate places, between the antihygienic conditions of the street, 
and the hospital for patients in critical health conditions."

Every day the number of children and disadvantaged forced to struggle for survival on the streets increase. In the spirit of Lumiere, is there anything you can do to help?

If you are a Doctor, perhaps Divine Providence has led you to read these words.
Why not start a pro-deo project of assistance of your own?

The Inspirational Doctor

People in Desperation

Good Health

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