Thursday, June 25, 2015

Lumiere English Academy Distance Teaching Course; Lesson Five


1. Set an essay for your student on a book of choice that the student has read and enjoyed.
  The essay title could be 'What I enjoyed most about the book [Herein place the title of the book of choice].'

2. Encourage the student to practise speaking English with friends at school or work, if possible.

3. Set homework; the student needs to read Chapter 1 of JRR Tolkien's 'The Hobbit' for Reading and Comprehension homework.
  Encourage the student to realise that 'The Hobbit' is a great literary classic.
  Direct your student's attention to the fact that the book commands a sweeping array of vocabulary for the student to grasp and assimilate.

4. Encourage your student to begin utilising adjectives in sentences. 
  Explain to the student how to use adjectives, 
eg 'Her hair was intricately braided.' 
  The competent use of adjectives adds richness and depth to conversations and essays. 
  Adjectives give vibrancy and body to the use of everyday language.

An example is as follows;
  'The path to the house' becomes alive when described with feeling and creativity.
  A picture is painted with words.
So; if we read 'The lengthy pathway to the house was covered with mossy pebbles', immediately we see a picture in our mind's eye of a long path with green verdure. 
  This leads us immediately to the question of why? Why was the path mossy? Was it not often used? Is the house old? 
  The use of adjectives have thus opened up a whole new world of possibility and meaning.
  Ease and ability in the use of adjectives enhance professional reports, speeches and polished communication.

Catherine Nicolette Whittle
Diploma TESOL and IDI Level 5 Diploma in Teaching English
London Teacher's Training College England

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