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Good Shepherd Church Module 26/ Our Final Destination



Objectives; By the end of this Module you should;

  • Know there is a judgement by God and each one after life is completed; in order to decide whether the person is ready to 'walk into the light' or needs more time to prepare
  • Know where Heaven is, and Who the Ruler of Heaven is
  • Know about the place of Exile, hell; and who the leader of Exile is
  • Know how to help people to direct their life choices in order to gain Heaven once earthly life is completed


1. Heaven and Exile
2. Home of Many Mansions
3. How do we as priest, help people to get to Heaven?
4. As priest, how do we deal with sin?
5. The decision to be Christian
6. Mission as Good Shepherd priest
7. Your testimonial

1. Heaven and Exile
  The most important decision we make in this life is to choose where we'll spend our eternal life.
  After death, we are born into eternal life, and the choices we make on earth help decide where we wish to spend our eternity.
  The choice is between two states; Heaven, the place of happiness where God is Lord and Master; or Exile, a place of broken relationship far from God, in the company of satan and his fallen angels. This Exile is known as hell.
  Jesus Christ gave His Life for us so we could gain entrance into Heaven as fully reconciled children of God.

  God sent His Son Jesus Christ into the world, not to condemn the world, but that we might all be saved [John 3;17].
  Jesus came to save us from the consequences of our living apart from God, which would have entailed living for eternity in Exile.

2. Home of Many Mansions
  Jesus gave us an understanding of Heaven as a place of many abodes, where He would prepare a place for us [John 14;2].
  The Son of God has gone before us to Heaven, where He has promised to prepare a personal home for each one of us.
  Heaven is thus our destined home. Heaven is heaven simply because Jesus, our most dearly Beloved, is there.

3. How do we as priest, help people to get to heaven?
  The way to Heaven is not a direction, it is a Person.
We know the way when we know Jesus. Jesus Himself told us,
"I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me." [John 14;6].

  Who helps us as priest to choose the right words and actions for each person to whom we minister?
  Jesus left us the Spirit of God at work in our world. God's Spirit is named the Comforter, and our hearts are comforted by God.
  God's Spirit stands beside us and helps us during difficult times. The Holy Spirit is there to strengthen us, encourage, and to help us.
  God's Spirit will help us by inspiring us when we need to choose words and actions in our ministry.
  God is directly at work in our world to bring about the good of humanity, and the eventual triumph of good over evil.

4. As priest, how do we deal with sin?
  Sin is wrongdoing; sin is made of thoughts, words and actions which lead to harm or bad for others; and, at times, ourselves.
  God rejects sin, He loves righteousness - that which is right
The Good Shepherd priest chooses that which is right, meaning that no action will be done to harm or hurt another human being; or ourselves.

  God's Spirit alerts me to sin in my life, and helps me to heal from sin. As priest, we help others who have been alerted to sin or wrong in their life, to take steps to heal themselves of it.

  The Ten Commandments make it clear what causes sin; killing, breaking loving relationships, dishonouring close kin, telling lies that destroy others' lives and reputations, stealing.

  God's Spirit shares with us that there is a judgement, that sin will not go without consequences.
  Sin can cause guilt and emotional problems in the life of the person who has deep sin.
  Sin entered Heaven when lucifer and his fallen angels deviated from the paths of righteousness.
  Judgement followed when battle raged in Heaven, and lucifer was exiled.
  Each human has a judgement - in the sense of a weighing up of his or her past life - after earthly life is over.
  Only those who feel ready to 'walk into the light' - who are whole in spirit and soul - will make the final walk into Heaven.
  Some who pass away are not yet fully at peace about some area of his or her life.
  They are given time to remedy what lies between them and readiness for the peace of Heaven.
  It is our work as priest to help God with His Task of healing broken hearts and minds; to heal rifts of sin and help with the rebuilding of relationships with God which have been broken by sin, and the effects of sin.  
5. The decision to be Christian
  When you accept Jesus Christ into your life, you become a Christian.
  You change your direction and your new leader for life is Christ.
You give Christ the keys to your life-house.
Lucifer - or satan - comes to destroy your relationship and eternal future with God.
  But the fallen angel cannot destroy your relationship with Jesus once you have given the sovereignty of your life over to the Son of God.

6. Mission as Good Shepherd priest
As God sent Jesus out into the world, Jesus now sends us out into the world to minister in His Name.
  "As You sent me into the world, I also have sent them into the world" [John 17;18].

  How does a priest share the Word with others?
We share when we see someone needs to hear about Jesus.
  We need to be depend on God's Holy Spirit for guidance in this matter.

  As priest, there are different ways of sharing Jesus with our world;
  We talk to loved one, family members, colleagues, aquaintances. We talk about familiar interests, but gradually move to Jesus' message.
  This can happen in one setting. It can occur over a couple of weeks. Or it can take much longer. The aim is to draw them to the message.
  The question that makes them think about Jesus as the message is this; Would you like to have a personal relationship with God?

7. Your testimonial
  Your testimonial is your story about how God has worked in your life.
  When someone asks about God or religion, or spiritual matters, you can just simply ask if you can share something special that happened to you.
  You can describe how you came to know Jesus, or how Jesus has worked in your life.
  If your face is happy and shines with the love of God, this is the greatest testimony of all.

8. Celebration of the sacraments
  Celebration of the holy Sacraments of God for the benefit of others is the hallmark of the priest of God.
  The Sacraments include Baptism, Assistance with Reconciliation with God, Confirmation, Eucharist, Marriage, Ordination, Anointing of the Sick.
Rev Catherine


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