Friday, October 30, 2015

Good Shepherd Church Module 27/ Community; Working in Harmony



Objectives; By the end of this Module you should;
  • Know that Christians form a community of believers
  • Understand that Christian communities should be caring, and the reason why


1. Community; Working in Harmony
2. The Mission of God
3. Relationship with Jesus Christ

1. Community; Working in Harmony
  Following Jesus Christ brings the challenge to work with others. We form a community of believers. As priests and believers we need to work in harmony together in order to fulfil God's purpose.
  Christian history shows there have been some differences in opinion as to how to live the Christian life effectively.
  The Good Shepherd priest embraces all believers; we follow the One Christ, therefore we form the One Flock.
  Likewise, within our communities we will have many of different cultures, temperaments, and personal challenges and difficulties.
  Our parishes embrace all in need. No one is to be excluded, or unaccepted.
  Name calling and looking down upon another is not the godly way.
  There is one Table of the Lord for Eucharist; and all, without exception, are welcome.
  For the Table does not belong to us; it belongs to the LORD.

2. The Mission of God
  The mission of God is worldwide, diverse in membership. The purpose for every Christian is that the world may receive the joyous message of the Good News.
  The way to Heaven has been opened, the breach between God and humanity has been  healed, and the archenemy of God - lucifer - is being brought to heel and will be exiled for eternity once earth's history is done.

3. Relationship with Jesus Christ
  Christians form communities marked by belief, worship and service of the Son of God.
  Communities should be caring of one another, and of all we meet.
This is done in order to fulfil Jesus' directive to us;
  'By this everyone will know that you are My disciples, if you love one another', [John 13;35].

  Through prayer, Christians deepen relationship with Jesus.
As our prayer lives develop and we grow in relationship with Christ, the following occur;
  • we worship God
  • we serve God
  • we love God
  • we spend time with the Word [reading, reflecting and praying through the Bible]
  • we spend time in prayer in honest communication with Jesus about our lives
  • we pursue Jesus' priorities of worship, evangelism, fellowship, discipleship and service
  • we constantly experience the Presence of Jesus
All that we do must be for God's Glory and for His plans. Thus we help to bring more people to the knowledge of God's Kingdom.

Rev Catherine

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