Monday, December 14, 2015

God's Portal; 'Immaculate Mary' FREE BACKING MUSIC TRACK


Many priests, pastors, and worshipping communities find themselves unable to enjoy a sung Mass or worship service due to any or all of the following factors;

  • No church
  • No money to build a church
  • No organ
  • No piano
  • No musical instruments
  • No money to purchase musical instruments
  • No organist
  • No pianist
  • No musicians

In answer to the requests, we have founded 'God's Portal', which will make free musical backing soundtracks available.


  1. Download the MP3 tracks [or tracks] you wish to use.
  2. Each track is of music which is in the public domain, all being over a hundred years old.
  3. Use the different musical backings in your church/worship services/ public event to enable congregation/ worshippers to enjoy singing with backing.
  4. The usual format is to choose four songs for a Mass or worship Service.
  5. These are used in the following way;

  • First track or piece of music as an Entrance song [at the beginning of the Mass or Worship Service].
  • Second track or piece of music at the Offertory [at a point in the Mass or Worship Service where prayer is offered, and congregants conduct the Offertory according to their usual protocol]
  • Third track or piece of music after Communion.
  • Fourth track or piece of music at the Recessional [end of the Mass or worship Service.]

Feel free to use these tracks for any worthy purpose.

Artist; Catherine Nicolette Whittle
[50 years experience in music, 40 years experience as church organist and musician.]
Media for this track; Church Organ and Concert Piano
Recording Artist; Jan Louw
Studio; A to Z Music 
Artwork Design; A W

Music Piece 6; 
This song is also known as the 'Lourdes Hymn'. The refrain is based on Angel Gabriel's greeting to Mary of Nazareth as told in the Gospel of Luke Chapter 1, verse 28.
It is not certain who wrote the lyrics, although it is attributed to Abbe Gaignet of Lucon.
The melody is from a traditional Pyrenean song.

There are many versions of lyrics to this popular hymn. You can choose from the following popular verses to sing along with the music backing track.

Immaculate Mary! Our hearts are on fire,
That title so wondrous fills all our desire.
Ave, ave, ave Maria!
Ave, ave, ave Maria!

For poor sick, afflicted,
Thy mercy we crave;
And comfort the dying,
Thou light of the grave.
Ave, ave, ave Maria!
Ave, ave, ave Maria!

There is no need, Mary,
Nor ever has been,
Which thou canst not succour,
Immaculate Queen.
Ave, ave, ave, Maria!
Ave, ave, ave Maria!

In grief and temptation,
In joy or in pain,
We'll ask thee, our Mother,
Nor seek thee in vain.
Ave, ave, ave Maria!
Ave, ave, ave Maria!

O bless us, dear Lady,
With blessings from Heavne.
And to our petitions,
Let answer be given.
Ave, ave, ave Maria!
Ave, ave, ave Maria!

In death's solemn moment,
Our Mother, be night"
As children of Mary - Help us when we die.
Ave, ave, ave Maria!
Ave, ave, ave Maria!

And crown thy sweet mercy
With this special grace,
To behold soon in Heaven,
God's ravishing Face.
Ave, ave, ave Maria!
Ave, ave, ave Maria!

To God be all glory
And worship for aye,
And to God's virgin Mother,
An endless Ave.
Ave, ave, ave Maria!
Ave, ave, ave Maria!

Click in the following link for 'Immaculate Mary' music backing track.

With thanks to J Louw and A W

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